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We work with our clients in three ways...

We provide fresh, clean design, and our multi industry experience gives us the insight to offer marketing recommendations relative to project execution, budget or overall strategy.

We’re flexible to work with your needs.

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Logos, Corporate Identity and Style Guides
PlumThree designs logos and corporate identity (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, note cards, PowerPoint templates and MS Word templates). When designing a new identity or “look” for a client, PlumThree typically presents several design alternatives. Our team then works with the client to select a favorite from among the alternatives or to combine elements from several concepts to create the new identity. We consult on color selection, color palettes, font usage and their effects on branding. We also provide style guides to ensure that the logo and identity elements are properly used.

Advertising Design (print, outdoor, email and online)
PlumThree has experience in advertising design that encompasses the entire campaign process from creating the media plan to developing concepts and creative. Services include headline/message development, photography or imagery development, call- to-action development, copywriting and final file production and submission. Various advertising applications include:

  • Magazines (B to B and consumer)
  • Newspapers (national and local)
  • Trade journals
  • Billboards
  • Bus advertising
  • Elevator advertising
  • Kiosk ads
  • Online banners
  • HTML Email campaigns

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Website Design
PlumThree gets involved in web development at a variety of levels. Depending on the needs of the client, PlumThree can either design and implement a complete custom site, refresh an existing site, or design the interface and simply turn over image files to your programmer to build the site. We make content architecture as well as search engine optimization recommendations, create site maps and navigation as well as storyboard, design and animate flash banners.

Print Collateral and Publication Design
PlumThree has created a wide variety of direct mail, product catalogs, datasheets, newsletters and books. We concept campaigns and develop the creative, as well as manage and direct photo shoots, illustration and copywriting. We are skilled in catalog design, having developed several series of technical product catalogs, including creation of line drawings and diagrams for technical items.

Media Planning and Negotiation
PlumThree’s media planning and negotiation skills add value by leveraging client budgets to ensure maximum exposure for any size media investment. PlumThree will research, develop, and negotiate to reach the best audiences at the best times at the best available rates. Each media plan developed by PlumThree details deadlines, costs and frequency, as well as analyzes editorial opportunities and associated timing to reach the best audiences at the best times at the best available rates.

PlumThree works with clients to develop brochures that reflect client style and provide needed functionality. Some brochures are simply corporate vision statements while others serve as jackets for proposals, info sheets, applications or company bios.

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Tradeshow and Events
PlumThree has designed signs for displays in tradeshow booths as large as 20'x20' all the way down to small, freestanding countertop stands. PlumThree has also designed interior and exterior office signage, including logo and directional, as well as portable banner stands and POP displays.

PlumThree has developed tradeshow guidelines for staff, booth graphics and materials, pre and post-show direct mail pieces, handouts and giveaways. We concept show themes and messages that are carried throughout all show promotions.

Meeting Planning
PlumThree works with clients to plan successful meetings by outlining and prioritizing key components such as meeting management, meeting marketing, setting goals, managing timelines, selecting sites, developing budgets, and registering attendees.

Marketing Planning and Evaluation
PlumThree works with clients to evaluate existing marketing materials and make recommendations for improvements. We discuss what is working—and what isn’t—as well as the new marketing avenues available. We can develop a marketing plan, either short term or long, and help formulate a process of outreach.

Flash Presentations
PlumThree has concepted, designed and developed a variety of multimedia presentations and been responsible for initial concepts, storyboards, illustration and final production and timing. The Flash presentations vary from simple web site introduction and banner advertising to full product demonstration presentations.

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Copywriting, Press and Public Relations
PlumThree work often involves coordination of efforts with client contacts and copywriters to insure a smooth process and quality output. We work with a network of freelance writers and public relations experts matching writing styles with assignments. From press releases and public relations to corporate writing, feature articles, web content and brochures, we’ve got the ideal balance of professional and creative energy.

PlumThree offers superior quality printing for offset, digital, large format and reprographic runs. Our Downers Grove print and bindery shop is supported with exceptional graphic design, list broker, and direct mailing services. Printing capabilities include: brochures, direct mail, letterhead, business cards, labels, branding and identity development, magnetic signs, posters, banners, tradeshow displays, books and annual reports just to name a few!


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